10 Times Mesut Özil Destroyed Big Teams


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    1. iGooner

      Please like the video if you enjoyed it! Best of luck in Turkey, Mesut!

      1. Peyton Deshawn

        Dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instapwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

      2. T U

        @kinghailz786 Don't expect anything better from Arteta. His coaching is as good as his playing: big fucking mediocre! Not as an Arsenal legend; more like "Everton" midfielder. Arsenal needs to get rid of this man.

      3. Myn Gnax Enty

        None of the top clubs from europe were interested in him..So finally he has to move to farmers team to play in farmers league. His career is gone, he will be forgotten soon.

      4. rasko55

        couldnt you find a song which is even more gay?? i mean wtf why even put a fucking song in the backround

    2. Dylan Bradshaw

      Oil is really crap

    3. yaphet Girma

      Woeowo meet ozil is good player Pepe or ozil Pepe yak ozil good and best

    4. JG

      The man turned up in big games and anyone who says other wise don’t understand greatness. We wasted his prime. He is a goat and I’ll die on that hill. Goals against United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, West Ham, Munich, Napoli etc... Assists against pretty much everyone pure genius

    5. Ully Rhecez


    6. Kağan

      8:54 🔥✨

    7. Nixer VX

      Özil is underrated player

    8. Revolzy

      Had we signed Aubameyang earlier (somewhere in 2014, 2015) we'd won the league twice by now since 2015. We had a chance in 2015/16 but Giroud went 16 games with no goals, in 2016/17 we were amazing but in April we fell because again, no good striker. Imagine the squad with Ozil, Auba, Sanchez, Cazorla and Rambo

    9. Taufik Rifai


    10. steven tanner

      Great video. Toxic player in the end for Arsenal. He was more interested in his "brand" than helping the club that paid him huge sums of money. Such a shame and shame on him. Good luck in your retirement Mesut. Yay yay Fenerbashy!! or whatever social media bollox your PR people conjure up.

    11. Melvyn Jones

      If you made a video of all the times he did nothing or disappeared it would be a year long

    12. F D

      6:38 he is playing like FIFA with a control :D

    13. F D

      8:37 this is fucking incredible man!

    14. Ashkan92

      I never thought i would say this as a die hard Arsenal fan.. I hate Arsenal.. treating him like this us criminal

    15. Dark Knight

      Thanks for making this video. M10 forever!

    16. The İdealistic


    17. Halil Secilmis

      Welcome to özil

    18. Ggoddkkiller

      I think he is the best playmaker by far!! It is really sad wicked media made him a scapegoat and arsenal chose chinese money over him but make no mistake that chinese money won't bring any success to them...

    19. Muhti Karisma

      Poor arsenal

    20. erdsf asdfsad

      10 Times Mesut Özil Destroyed Big Teams and you start with Napoli XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    21. Aziz ÖZALP

      KRAL KİNG 🦁💛💙

    22. Yasin ÇAKICI

      Hoşgeldin fenerbahçe

    23. Sebastian

      Welcome to FENERBAHÇE 💛💙

    24. aslanyúrek

      i m arsenal fans 😭😭 good bay

    25. coll calm

      I'm Madrista but want to see him come back to Madrid, he can play together with Modric and Tony...

    26. Has sno

      Özil - his time is over

    27. chmurka55

      In Germany we call him ,,Glubschi"

    28. süleyman nazif

      besiktası sahasında yenecekmiyiz?

    29. Taha Ozturk


    30. Jakub Lewandowski

      Thank you Mesut

    31. arda alakent

      We got Özil FENERBAHÇE

    32. Ozan Yemez

      I think comparing messi to mesut is meaningless in terms of statistics...however,back in 10'-13' seasons in la liga,mesut was looking more lethal weapon as an attacking midfielder along with ronaldo and benzama.Asked if you have to choose one of them for your team , hands down will vote for messi. The reason is Mesut needs superstars around him to shine in contrary messi is always capable to create his positions regardsless the team level ... Speaking as a FB fan, i am really happy to see his childhood dreams come true and hoping he will get the champiıons trophy back to back 😊😊😊

    33. kubilay Ok

      fenere geldide superligde premier lig kadar kordine olmuş böyle paslaşmlaryapan takımlar falan bulamadığın için özil Türkiye de iş yapamicak adama baksana takımıyla cok oturmus ama fener böyle mi oynuyor ki kullanabilsin özili

    34. Norizan Mazelan

      All the best Ozil!

    35. kucing hutan

      What the FUCK that Arsenal have done....

    36. Seine Ehren

      I am happy for him. Now he has the Chance to play even better than before. Turkish league may be not so high quality like pl but they play more physical. that means he get's even more chances to assist or score goals. finaly there is a reason to watch turkish league again.

    37. Safe Kind

      He makes the game simple and beautiful, like an elegant woman. Shame all Europe chose to look the other way once again, when the suffering people were muslim in China. Their profit matters more than human rights especially if those humans are muslims. ( If you do not know why they stop playing Mesut just check his tweets )

    38. Oba Razzak

      Anyone else feeling a bit nostalgic now that he's left? I will actually miss him

    39. scatlar2

      thankful for everything ozil has done for us

    40. Mert Kenar

      titel should be 10 times mesut özil could destroy bit teams with arsenal:D

    41. Lucyfer Dea Bellum

      The guy is the biggest waste of money never really bothered since 2018,,,, go to Turkey!!! rot in hell hope Fenebahce get something out of shit!!

    42. faruk ates

      adam 8 sene once ıyıdi madrıddekı 2 ıncı sene efsaneydı ama 9 yıl oncekı olaylar işde

    43. smart game changer

      Gonna miss you MO10# 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    44. Xardas Adanos

      Özil 🤮 Go Home!

    45. Rashidul Hasan

      I think the only person who understand him better is arsene wenger. Because ozil took a huge weige cut just to join fenerbahce so that he can play football again. And arsene wenger clearly understood it. He said ozil must be desperate to play football again.

    46. Çagla'm

      how did he destroy Barcelona in 2016 ? 🤣

    47. ZANZUN

      Did you miss him? :D check out Turkiye.. Anymore in his main country play football.

    48. Fizin Studio

      I love Manchester United, but my favorite player is Mesut Özil ❤️

    49. Vince Feuerstein


    50. Burak Kurt

      💛💙Welcome to fenerbahçe m10💙💛

    51. Ji-Hoon Hwang

      0:47 Arsenal fans back then be like, 'oh, fuck! Thank you for just being here!!'

    52. 26Nine

      Adam mö

    53. Haluk Yalman

      Welcome to Fenerbahçe. I hope you won’t be wasted here.

    54. Yuksel Oden

      Senin o sol ayagina kurban olayim.

    55. Metin Çiçeklitaş

      we'll take better care of him than Arsenal. and we'll love it more 💛💙💛💙

    56. Metin Çiçeklitaş

      o artık bizim welcome OZİL💛💙💛💙

    57. Tomi Depth

      So sad. will never see any talent like ozil again for long period of time :(

    58. Purev Rompat

      If these are his best scenes, then it is no wonder he did not play for the last two years. Maybe the most overrated player ever.



    60. Erdi

      where is the scene he destroyed the big teams?

    61. debriyaj

      What a magnificent player. Mesut is the best playmaker at this time. He plays one touch football. He gives very effective key passes. What a intelligent talent. Thank you board of Arsenal for your mobbing. Welcome to Fenerbahçe

    62. Shrikant R

      Liverpool 17/18 will always be special,we didn't win due to Petr Cech, disappointing

    63. ma ta

      Best ever, loss for Arsenal


      DIE SCHEISSS DEUTSCHEN ZIONISTEN MEDIEN mussten Ihn schlecht reden. Nur weil er mit unseren gewählten Präsidenten Erdogan ein Foto gemacht hat. GUT das die Deutsche Mannschaft LOST ist. Geschieht euch recht. Ich freue mich nur weil die Zionisten-Medien anhänger traurig geworden sind. Bis dato war ich auch Fan der deutschen Manschaft.

    65. M R Abimanyu

      bro i missed him

    66. Yong Shaipuk

      Perfect time past

    67. Celal saral

      Basit şeyleri o kadar güzel yapıyor ki

    68. kijhg 2023


    69. egegeldi

      Hosgeldin Mesut 💙💛

    70. Robert Goss

      10 times Mesut Ozil received and passed the ball?

    71. Mahias Ramires

      Arsenal wasnot let him play cause Chiness sponsors.

    72. Hakan Durmuş

      08:37 OMG

    73. PvPBattleBoy

      Mesut Özil 💛 💙 Fenerbahçe

    74. Black Screen

      Here is a tribute to Ozil: trlocal.info/u/video/rK9ngJbRsH_cq6I

    75. Kemal Akgöl

      Shame on you England! He didn't deserve your political relations!

    76. Yunus Emre Zengin


    77. BVB BVB

      when klopp's time is over at LFC. i think the best fitting team for him would be Arsenal.

    78. Su Öz

      Bundan da Türkiye'de bir halt olmaz. Şimdiden balon ettiniz. (takım tutmuyorum)

    79. Eddie Shearman

      You will be missed 💔🐐

    80. oulcn arkr

      this man is in İstanbul welcome home fantastic Mesut Özil...

    81. Toby Butterfield

      Let’s be real when he first joined he was class and had freedom due to a decent balanced midfield of cazorla/arteta with him and since they went our midfield has been non-existent which ruined ozil imo

    82. Mustafa Karadal

      The big FENERBAHCE

    83. Serkan

      FENERBAHÇE 🇹🇷❤️ 💛💙🙏

    84. RealRunarFan69

      Who else got goosebumps when watching the Leicester goal?

    85. mahmut123456

      Let's see what he can do against the biggest team Beşiktaş.

      1. Emir Coşkun

        hahaha gülüyorum olum ya bizim milleteki bu aşağılık kompleksi ne olacak bilmiyorum. süper lig'e kaliteli oyuncu geldiği için sevinmeniz gerekirken her mesut özil başlığının altına en büyük beşiktaş, galatasaray yazarak ingilizleri manipüle ettiğinizi sanıyorsunuz da adamlar bile bu mallar ne diyor diye düşünüyordur. kaldı ki galatasaray'dan ve fenerbahçe'den şampiyonluk sayısı az olan bir kulüp nasıl da türkiye nin en büyük takımı olabiliyor :D

    86. Abdullah Kul

      Mesut Ozil is coming to prove himself to Europe ... They played tricks on him; 1. While in Real Madrid, he gave an interview to the newspaper, he said exactly that "We stay in the same room with Ronaldo in the camps and on the road and he loves to have me read the Koran from its translation every time" ... That year, Ronaldo donated his golden shoes to Palestinian children and He did not give the Israeli captain the end of the match jersey. The Jews sent the best player, the manager of the team, after Real Madrid Ronaldo, saying, "The world's most fan follower is a Muslim, Özille should leave, be transferred immediately, his money is not important." the man sent the president, "he said. 2. At Arsenal, they had photos taken with Tayyip Erdogan, and when they supported East Turkestan, those behind the scenes cut off the squad with pressure on the president, the president Arteta ... Now it was a bomb, it is coming to an explosion ...

    87. AbsGaming

      Big loss by Arsenal and unskilled Arteta who turned Arsenal out as a underdog team in EPL.

    88. Naser Hussein

      I supported arsenal for over 20 years and they stood for something, but the way ozil got treated forget just for his loyalty a player shouldnt be treated like that what so ever but yet arsenal has the audacity to exile him. im just gonna enjoy football supporting them dont make me anything.

    89. Aresnalmotto

      I will miss you Mesut thank you for all the amazing memories it was such a shame arsenal didn’t buy the right players When you were on your peak. Good luck at fenerbache

      1. Metin Çiçeklitaş

        we'll take better care of him than Arsenal. and we'll love it more 💛💙💛💙

    90. Cihan Işık

      Yere sektirerek atıyor neredeyse tüm gollerini... bu çok tuhaf bir özellik

    91. Berkay

      Bir Galatasaray'lı olarak yazıyorum. Mesut eğer gerçekten futbol oynamaya gelirse ligimizde ciddi fark yaratır. Fenerbahçe'nin yeni Alex'i olabilir o potansiyele fazlasıyla sahip . Ama amacı Arsenal'daki son yılları gibi yatmaksa malesef bizim Falcao gibi büyük hayal kırıklığı olur.

      1. Kağan

        Kardeşim seninde görüşüne saygı duymak lazım bunu sende görüyorsun ve bence Falcao gibi olmaz. Fenerbahçeyi çok seviyor oynamak için can atıyor ilk röportajında bile heycandan kelimeleri şaşırdı bence Alex gibi büyük işlere imza atacak

      2. Berkay

        @Dikkatli İzle Falcao da sakat değildi. Ne hikmetse Türkiye'ye gelince bişeyler oldu herife. Mesut hayırlı olsun bu arada.

      3. Dikkatli İzle

        hem falcao gibi sakatlığı yok.

      4. Dikkatli İzle

        dostum yatmak istese o kadar paradan vazgecmez ve fenerbahçeli bide türk

    92. FOKUZ YOKUZ?


    93. Ticaret Uzmanı


    94. Özgür Özmen

      Come to FENERBAHÇE 💛💙💛💙💛💙💙💛

    95. Privater Nutzer

      Low performer

    96. Elif 1907

      Dur tahmin edeyim sizinde ana sayfanıza düştü 💛💙

    97. Dee Emm

      Such sublime talent wasted by Arsenal and esp Arteta. Look at that. Simply amazing at untying knots that opponents tie, making football look simple. I believe every good manager can find a way of getting the best out of even the most obstinate player. If as they claim, Ozil is a negative influence in the dressing room, the manager must be good enough to dissipate such vibes. I simply think Arteta is jealous of Ozíls mesmerizing football and achievements. Ozil, we the genuine fans and coinnoseurs of the beautiful game of football will always have your back. Like some people who watch particular teams because of particular players like Messi, Ronaldo, many of us watch Arsenal because of your flashes of magic. They wanted to break your will but you are too strong for them, so they freeze you out. Mesut Ozil, you spoke against the Chinese govt inhumane treatment and ethnic cleansing of Uighur Muslims there. And for that, Arsenal board sidelined you because the Chinese govt pressured them to. Meanwhile the hypocrisy of Arsenal and other EPL teams cannot be overemphasized when at the start of every game, they kneel down to show that "BLACK LIVES MATTER". Indeed, and Uighur Muslims Lives Matter, too. Ozil, you shall not be stopped. Whether it be Fernebache or wherever, we shall be looking out for you. Who Jah bless, no-one curse. Keep on keeping on. Peace.

    98. Ferhat HALLİ

      Abi adam akıllı oyuncu 40 yaşınada gelse bu hareketleri yapar !

    99. Ali Seker

      Şu adama bakın arkadaşlar bu adam saf bir yetenek adam doğuştan hem Fenerbahçeli hem futbolcu

    100. deniz oktav

      bunu dikkatlice oku sakin moralini bozma ...El kayyim..El mecit...El vatih..El ahad...El samet...El kadir...El malik..El rahim...ALLAH hiç bir zaman yanılmamıştir...Bu mesajı ben hariç 15 kişiye gönder yarın güzel haber alacaksın...Eğer göndermesen şansızlık 15 sene peşini bırakmaz...Bunu sakın erteleme bunlar ALLAHIN isimler