Sada Baby

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    "Bartier Bounty""OUT NOW"

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    1. Darrius Greens

      41 42 43 44 455555

    2. damonte jamerson

      Wow that’s

    3. adam flood

      Get yo slime left just to get my slime rightttttt

    4. Afra Rostamy

      Before 1M views

    5. Reese 414

      "Boy you know you yo Momma's kid!" ~Skuba Steve~

    6. Ray Hutson

      Old stuff

    7. Redd Smoke

      "Nigga fuck that apple" 😂😂😂

    8. D Sav

      No video ⁉️🤒🤒

    9. I_am_her 1993

      oakland ca🤟🔥⛽

    10. Karli Diane


    11. N V

      HUUUUhhhhh !!!

    12. ACE Goon

      Founder of Sign(Jama) 7 skies

    13. ACE Goon

      #Zack from blacklick 43004 Waggoner Grove Molly Wrld

    14. Tavish Stum

      Quit fuckin talkin like u know me 😂😂😂😂. Nigga get yo mind right nigga get yo grind right

    15. Ikran waw

      Wheres the Goon tho he is mad asf

    16. Ikran waw

      ABC aroggie 123 we are winners

    17. ACE Goon

      "MY MONEY LONGER" Skuba Says

    18. ACE Goon

      There is no one greater than the almighty Allah (Swt) inshallah we will see Freedom bc Skuba Says

    19. ACE Goon

      Players 1 through 100 inshallah

    20. ACE Goon

      I'm the dumbass tho bc I'm 11

    21. ACE Goon

      Everyone deserves Freedom we are all equal men and women aslo respect is key not Xiiiis' my sister

    22. ACE Goon

      Key words "Shrooms and Acid goes together

    23. ACE Goon

      He is the real deal nigggggga

    24. ACE Goon

      Skuba is Ganster in so many ways he is savage like me

    25. ACE Goon

      Its every safe here because of Skuba

    26. ACE Goon

      We are in Garboharrey location dropped

    27. ACE Goon

      I'm honest tbh broski I don't like to like I want my people to be safe around me Period

    28. ACE Goon

      Easy as 123 Broksi Skuba say what ever he say goes back his money is longer ya dig yea dat way@Skuba says

    29. ACE Goon


    30. ACE Goon

      We are all players it's a game call it COD

    31. ACE Goon

      REX AND Leo the brother behind everything

    32. whatever Whitney wants

      This nigga is juuuuuuuusst...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    33. Michael Simmons

      Louisville Detroit key connection

    34. Mac entertainment enterprise. M E E

      👍 up Sadababy. Detroit it’s Muzic Movement. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹🖕🔥✌🏻😉

    35. MEECH JAY


    36. Jo3pak Guttah

      Man dawg gotta distinctive style. He a sauce God fasho. Im from michigan i aint nvr heard a mf from the mitt3n trip out like he be doing. Outlandish, animative, drama, fly all that shit- bruh got it

      1. Kristopher Heck

        TSF Skuba now sauce overload

      2. Cutie Piie


      3. whatever Whitney wants

        Wtf is animative?😫🤣🤣

    37. Reny Bands

      That drum gotta be on that eastside shit on baby😭😭😭 fuck that apple

    38. Joseph Mitchell

      All u pussy ppl out here worried bout a time line

    39. Joseph Mitchell

      Lame ass nigga showing love don’t make comfortable

    40. Joseph Mitchell

      The apple don’t fall far from the Nigga fuck that apple

    41. Marquies Barner

      He snapped, no neck 🔥😤🔥

    42. Tae Red

      He harder than tee grizzly

      1. little longsock

        Its not that hard to be

      2. 0 V

        No question. Sad they don’t fw each other nomo

      3. James Traylor

        Homiez he is

      4. King Young

        🧢he hard thim tho one of my favorite artist

      5. Sir. anime

        No he's not

    43. The German


    44. tw3rk4_est brodie

      Sada deserves more fans me and my bro at school is da only niggas that listen to sada everybody esle talking bout some muffucking nba young boy fuck day listen to some real shit (sada baby)

    45. Boobee boobee

      Cover fire

    46. Denji'Zoidian

      This song is oozing with so much evil that i love it, That's Right Sukba Devil up on these Hoe' Ass Nigga's lol..😈🔥🔥🔥🔥👿

    47. Pincho

      Volume on max.. this is my favorite of the mixtape please shot video for this!

    48. Dave Roger

      This shit harder than a math test. #100

    49. Brad Porter

      On God

    50. dirt b

      It's Skuba Steve's Time!!!!!

    51. Isaac Ashford

      Video come on cold off the flow tip🔥🔥🔥

    52. Dee R


    53. Deasia Calhoun

      This Shit Right Here 🔥

    54. Eddie Cain


    55. Michael Davis

      Load em up at 9a.m , THE nigga die by 9 tonight... LETS GOOOO SADA LOVE FROM ROANOKE VA ZONEEEE 8 PACMAN 💪💪🔥🔥🔥

    56. Pincho

      My niggas in the Bay invest in prostitution I be doin' all the type of music keep your body movin' He on fire, lighter fluid, he ain't lyin', I'm the truth I think this part is the maximum peak of the song,big song bro :)

    57. RIPNU


    58. 248 Slick

      The MF g.o.a.t hands down 🐐🦍👑🏆 🙌

    59. 248 Slick

      Boy! 💯🗣️🏄

    60. 248 Slick

      🔥🔥 🗣️🤟 🏄🦍🐐🔥💯

    61. RED TEAM

      Sada be going hard, ugggh

    62. nicholas clark

      Im just waiting for Honest

    63. d maze

      Man fuck that Apple!!!! BOY

    64. iso Modz

      @lilchrisbabyy slapper

    65. Anthony Robinson


    66. Bradley Curry


    67. Regg Brown

      The video to this would go dumb as hell.

    68. john jackson

      One emoji 🔥

    69. Money Mark

      Got another hit right here.......

    70. Michael Pledgure

      Too stupid

    71. tae pierce

      SKUBA STEVE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    72. Kevo F

      Here At 1.1k Views This A Hit 💯💯💯

    73. Patrick R.

      Everybody know what time it is!! Yeeeeaaah Yeeeeeeah Yeeeeeeah!!! Huuuuuuuuh!!!!

    74. Tharealjaystarofficial JohnnyREEN

      Whole project Brazy

    75. JordantheSaint7

      Stop playing wit broo‼️✔️

    76. Cecily B


    77. LosGoBrazy

      Detroit been up for a long time na bumping this in the bay area

      1. Angela Banks


      2. johg 6yhu

        @savagetdk ñ

      3. savagetdk


    78. KingPitt1

      I love my nigga skuba steve its the EAST SIDE AINT IT!!!!!!!!!

    79. Keenan Taylor


    80. Rich Promotions LLC

      Congrats bro from Youngstown Ohio we trying book hit me back

      1. Gage Wright


      2. Eddie Cain

        9 a.m. they died 9 tonight🍎

      3. Marty Benson

        @Travious Richardson from Ak 💯🤟

      4. Travious Richardson

        Rich Promotions LLC Bumping this from the AK💯🔥‼️

    81. Mobley Mcfly

      Like 💯

    82. Mobley Mcfly


    83. Bamber 1brat


    84. BabyDoug NegusEye

      Breh sound like a G.O.A.T already! Shit too authentic 🔥

    85. Kenny Moe

      strait flame shout out to d town from real richmond

    86. eG Exclusiive


    87. MixtapeDj Pyrex


    88. Ju Angelo


    89. Lilpebbles Pebble


    90. Baby Hundo

      Volume on max... I'm tryna go deaf no cap

      1. Little Cheese

        Right. I'm right there wit u when u tryna make a statement do you replay on max like 3-5 xs 🤣🤣🤪

      2. dez diaz


      3. Wave Jackson

        DetroitBaby Hundo perrioooddtt

    91. OrderedFiber43

      Sada the type of rapper to rap about not rapping

      1. GET-MONEY- SW4GR

        OrderedFiber43 fr


      💣💣💣💣💣💣 on god🙏



    94. Kee’z MY ASS

      Here in the first 10 minutes 🥰🥰🥰

    95. Mico Yoli


    96. SPMG Pakk life

      Sada baby always jam go get dat lil yocie first day out 🔥