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  1. Grappler Sama

    I can finally afford the s7 😀

  2. strummer b

    I remember when the note nine was a big deal and the first phone to have fortnite and an exclusive skin making this huge especially in 2018

  3. Dilay Şentürk

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    time to bring this to galaxy phones.

  5. Silviu Teodorescu




  7. FN-2187

    apple literally copying samsung 3 months later and getting away with it.

  8. Ebrar İkbal Karakuzu

    1:09 😘🍒 perfectttttttt

  9. ILE D

    I need the book flex2 Mystic bronze 😞

  10. Reuben Paul

    I have Note 10 Lite running on One UI 3.1 WILL 360 AUDIO WORK FOR ME? IF YES, M DEFINITELY BUYING THE pro

  11. Nxndjdnd Djxxjdkslsj


  12. ILE D

    Cuando sale a la venta ???

  13. 슈가 지민 방탄 소년단

    방탄 소년단💪👀

  14. Dănuț

    when will laptops be sold in Romania as well?

  15. Dănuț

    when will laptops be sold in Romania as well?

  16. Rohit Malik

    Is this is coming to india

  17. Yulian Alfredo Sandoval Ayala

    hello samsung please i dont have a tablet to study they give me a please and you will never fail

  18. Alesia Busch

    Ok, what exactly is this? A frame? I'm confused, someone plz explain

  19. Akisa Palacios

    Ku oyó buñvovvyuymglyuñ ir kg efffb shh

  20. Rebecca Arthur

    yus mint do be my fave colour tho

  21. Mad die

    Who's here because of the song?? 👇

  22. قطرات الندى

    I also liked you to have iked all of your videos

  23. RX 580

    I only clicked cause from Thumbnail I thought it's 57 inch monitor but turns out it's S7

  24. Seher Turşucu


  25. u kNow BTS !?


  26. Ari Afghani

    Now this is a great ad 🤩

  27. Mohd Saqib khan

    What she said Chicago 😂

  28. Hafiidh Yahya Budiman

    Samsung please make A52 s series with Snapdragon 765 inside :(

  29. Hafiidh Yahya Budiman

    Samsung please make A52 with Snapdragon 765 inside :(

  30. Roberts Pičukans

    Music choice is interesting. A phone is everything that makes me, me. And from the moment I saw it I knew that it will make me happy!

  31. Hafiidh Yahya Budiman

    Samsung please make A52 with Snapdragon 765 inside :(

  32. LightenStar

    'Or twice this guys life' 😂

  33. hanan ali


  34. Nicolas Bonnin Ducheny

    C'est de la merde

  35. bruce agaba

    How many Q bars are being released!?

  36. Camila Bermudez

    I have this phone is very good soo recomended

  37. Aysel Özer


  38. Ilgar Babursah

    How much

  39. Dunyaxanim Memmedova

    Beautiful,kind-hearted man of the world,l love you very much,l love myself even more when,l see you love yourself very much,you are right to love yourself,isn't a worl-handsome man like you be loved?(though you're always handsome😉😆) WORLDWIDE HANDSOME JİN💜💜

  40. thewonderofyou1

    I can't even use this phone when sharing the screen to my Samsung TV whilst connected to VPN.. Usual junk Samsung software. Wish I hadn't bought it..

  41. Shashwat Phukan

    Other Name : Infinite Price

  42. Nekal Vázquez Rodríguez

    what is the name of the song??

  43. Sruthi S

    I can't believe this men sell themselves for 3lines of pork belly. 👀

  44. yeni susanti

    Is this product ready in indonesia,

  45. Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan

    Cari lelaki ke wanita gayezzzz?..manusia ke haiwan ataupun bangunan?.. nexttttttttttttttttttttt,tinggi ke rendah/panjang ke pendek/gemok ke Kurus/tua ke muda/Kaya ke miskin/hidup ke mati/bangun ke tidur/rakyat ke badan uniform?..

  46. light saber king

    Did someone realize that samsong uplade the same videos but with dome differenses

  47. Squirtle Shiny Oficial


    1. Squirtle Shiny Oficial

      Just kidding, no offense samsung fanboy 😎👌

  48. Swayam Pandey

    If you give me samsung note 21 ultra I will switch from macbook to this laptop

  49. Christopher Joachim

    I have a Samsung TV need this sound bar.

  50. Mariah Jane

    The most handsome man in the entire universe

  51. arif mahmud

    I am like that

  52. arif mahmud

    it's a very good

  53. Antu Biswas

    Samsung A52 5 g.. 9825 prosager, good

  54. Miran Sheikh

    In my opinion, it has become much more expensive in Bangladesh. It would have been better if the price was below 25 thousand

  55. Tejas Ghutukade

    bad music for introducing a sound bar!!!

  56. 《nakonayo》


  57. YAP JIAN WEI Moe


  58. Moel Teknik

    hope samsung makes compact smartphone for low budget

  59. كلنا مع الارانب

    شحال و انا كنقلب عليك 🙂💔

  60. Vedanth Reddy

    Bcoz we waste our money on investing samsung mobiles

  61. Vedanth Reddy

    Even 30k mobiles waste for pubg mobile better samsung don't release their mobile in India

  62. Vedanth Reddy

    Worst mobiles I ever seen in India

  63. kameshwar singh

    Samsung's products are always so innovative!!!

  64. Daniel Dornyo

    This video is so well done. The story, the humour, the directing. Everything ties in really well. Great job!

  65. hassan sajjad

    In reality how long does it take to install the oven?

  66. earthworm85

    Hmmm, HP Spectre x360 or Samsung Book Pro 360..??

  67. Ashton Gyamfi


  68. A Alam Awan



    Nah can’t be better than Sonos arc best soundbar in the world . I have one