1. 리사

    I miss you so much

  2. n29h

    "You're my playground"

  3. blormaa

    884,440 ~

  4. n29h

    GOT7 G-GOT7

  5. Joanne Pring

    so close to 10M ahgaseeeeee we can do this!!!

  6. MomoChuu

    ahh i miss got7 T - T

  7. Alexa Lee


    1. blormaa

      Hi ^^

  8. oooooookubo

    Good morning ahgases

    1. blormaa

      Morning ^^

    2. Angeline


  9. Lia Ahgase

    Here again

    1. blormaa

      Here now XD

  10. Ojm Birdie

    Is my sleep time. I hope be here for 10M ^^

    1. blormaa

      Hahaha good night zombie partner ;)

    2. Jinyoung wants to tell u: STREAM ENCORE!

      goodnight olga ♡♡♡

    3. Lia Ahgase

      @Ojm Birdie see you tmr

    4. Ojm Birdie

      @Lia Ahgase goodnight Lia!! See you tomorrow my friend ♡

    5. Lia Ahgase

      Good night Olga ! Thank you so much for your hard work today! We will meet again tomorrow!!! Sleep well

  11. yenne

    who's here?

    1. yenne

      @Lia Ahgase oh i know who they are! i meant who is here streaming or watching!

    2. Lia Ahgase

      In 3:03 BamBam on far left , then Jackson , JB , Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark and Yugyeom

  12. OJM Green

    This account too ^^

  13. Ahgabirdy Pat

    Is my pfp green enough?

    1. Lia Ahgase

      More like deep dark forest green

  14. Ojm Zombie

    Still here ^^

  15. Jinyoung wants to tell u: STREAM ENCORE!

    what color of my pfp :D HAHAHAHA

    1. Jinyoung wants to tell u: STREAM ENCORE!

      @C-alise thanks. i change it hehe

    2. C-alise

      Jinyoung wearing green sweater~

  16. Bárbara Naomi

    Got7 forever

  17. Neomu Lonely

    some ppl assume that GOT7 are disbanded wth

  18. AHGAPOOM 007

    Good Morning....... GOT7&IGOT7 !! Encore ~ Encore ~ ^____^ <3

    1. Angeline


  19. Lia Ahgase

    Lora , where are you ???

    1. blormaa

      Hahahaha XD

    2. AHGAPOOM 007

      Good Evening Lia ~ I'm here before Lora ? Maybe busy Sunday >O^

  20. K - cuacK

    If this little and improvised green ocean was fun, imagine when we reach 10M We need ahgase’s collaboration and GREEN Profile Pics! Let’s show how crazy ahgases are De locos :D

    1. K - cuacK

      @AHGAPOOM 007 Poom good morning and welcome to the Green Party!!

    2. K - cuacK

      @Jinyoung wants to tell u: STREAM ENCORE! yaayq

    3. AHGAPOOM 007


    4. Jinyoung wants to tell u: STREAM ENCORE!

      uwu!!! its now green

    5. K - cuacK

      @Lia Ahgase me too

  21. K

    Jackson went back home to China yesterday, and I’m so happy that he will get to be close to his family. But watching the opening scene of this MV hit different today and I’m crying again.

    1. Lia Ahgase

      Yes !!! Thx god Jackson didn’t huge luggages home

    2. Ana Karina 4 '

      T_T yees

    3. Jaebeom : my friendly ghost


  22. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

    Have a good day Ahgase ♡^^ Please don't get tired of nicely telling misinformed people that GOT7 is here & never disintegrated (sorry, I really dislike the other word coz it triggers stress in my systems). Kindly say it in the best way that is possible. Not everyone is updated about GOT7 news that has been circulating within Ahgase community & will only believe what the unreliable gossip media is feeding them without researching, so we have to let them know. Show some proof & gladly flex GOT7's achievements if necessary. Lead them to research more. Don't let their negativity spread & brainwash you & other people. Words of mouth is very powerful; it could make or break you. I know that some people will believe only what they want to believe, some will even twist the truth upside down& inside out by misleading (comparing past idol groups, predicting an unsightly future that *duh * hasn't happened yet & might never happen, etc), but please remain unfazed & trust in GOT7. We know better. :) We are loved & we can spread that good vibes to possibly melt their stone hearts. There are so much more to look forward to GOT7, both groups & solos, it's a package deal coz we stan 7 talented men with endless possibilities & not bound by the limits. Don't let that excitement fade. Have they ever let us down? Never. Ever. :) We have this "ENCORE"...their fulfilled promise. ♡ Spread the word. Keep spinning ENCOrE ~♡

    1. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

      @MARU MARU thank goodness ♡~ I know it won't end & some people would still choose to turn a blind eye to the truth & keep bringing GOT7 & Ahgase down, some are just clueless or doesn't care, but we must prove them wrong over & over again, if that's what it takes. Fighting ~!!

    2. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

      @AHGAPOOM 007 thanks poom ~ ^^ fighting!!

    3. MARU MARU

      I also read someone’s comment in Mark’s YT Channel that he left GOT7. Thankfully, some IGOT7 explained that he didn’t.

    4. AHGAPOOM 007

      Have a Happy Day & Night too! Nice words, Thank You ~ >__^ <3

    5. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

      @Ojm Zombie likewise olga ~♡

  23. Nanthana Siyochan

    Got 7 forever

  24. Jaebeom : my friendly ghost

    did my pfp change????? :D

    1. Ojm Zombie

      Yes ^^

    2. Jaebeom : my friendly ghost

      @Ana Karina 4 ' *wink*

    3. Jaebeom : my friendly ghost

      @K - cuacK same as u. i can saw the green when i click the pfp

    4. Ana Karina 4 '

      Handsome and sexy Leader uwu

    5. Ana Karina 4 '

      @K - cuacK it's our Sunshine ^^ but it's not green

  25. Unknown Lia

    Whoever that will witness 10M , please arrange to have a green ocean in comment section. GOT7 will be here and they will be so surprised seeing the green ocean that they have been waiting for . Thank you so much

    1. AHGAPOOM 007

      Oh Yeah ~ >__^ <3

    2. C-alise

      I'll stay up for today, I know we can do it!! Mass streaming ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    3. Ana Karina 4 '

      Yeah <3 I think it will hit 10m when we are gonna be sleeping :'( Anyway we can do it tomorrow with the others girls ^^

    4. Jaebeom : my friendly ghost


  26. nanrim

    I'm promise the boy

  27. kokoro 彡

    Oh Youngjae you’re too beautiful but I want to see my ahgabong now

    1. Jaebeom : my friendly ghost

      when i click ur pfp its ahgabong

    2. C-alise

      It's working hahahaha

    3. Lia Ahgase

      Not sure why it disappeared. I saw it earlier

    4. def: ur leadernim2

      handsome :D kekeke

  28. Love

    Keep spinning Ahgases! Don't forget to spin on Spotify too together with OIAM. ^^

  29. Mew Mew


  30. Phoenix Jjang

    Who's still spinning with me?

    1. Ojm Zombie

      Here ^^

    2. C-alise


    3. kokoro 彡

      Green ocean party :D

    4. Lia Ahgase

      Let’s have a virtual green ocean when reaching 10M

    5. Lia Ahgase


  31. Lia Ahgase

    Song reaches the end now

    1. def: ur leadernim2

      lol im just watching jinyoung with his thermometer

  32. cmiley

    Wow 9.8M ... Almost there!

    1. C-alise

      @Lia Ahgase can't waiiiit~~~

    2. def: ur leadernim2

      green ocean ♡♡♡

    3. Lia Ahgase

      Let’s have a virtual green ocean when reaching 10M !!!!!

  33. def: ur leadernim2

    sending love to u (〜^∇^)〜 ♡♡♡

    1. AHGAPOOM 007

      ^____^ <3 <3 <3

    2. Ojm Zombie

    3. kokoro 彡


  34. Mark2jae Tuan

    Happy Sunday Everyone

    1. Lia Ahgase

      Good morning to you

  35. GotTo Go

    ENCORE the best

  36. Lia Ahgase

    Ahgafam, I love you guys

    1. Ojm Zombie

      Love you too^^

    2. kokoro 彡


    3. def: ur leadernim2


  37. Ahgabirdy Pat

    10M today Ahgases!

    1. Lia Ahgase

      Yessss keep spinning

    2. def: ur leadernim 4!!!

      yes pls :D

  38. Ana Karina 4 '

    Since we can't go to a concert to do green oceans with our ahgabongs , we are doing a virtual green ocean here with our accounts!! ♡ Please don't think we are crazy xD

    1. AHGAPOOM 007

      But I'm crazyyyyy ~ >O^ <3

    2. Ojm Zombie

      I love be crazy ^^

    3. Ana Karina 4 '

      @Lia Ahgase love it too ♡

    4. Ana Karina 4 '

      @def: ur leadernim 4!!! hahahaha shhh I'm trying to convince people we are no crazy! XDDD

    5. Lia Ahgase

      Hahaha I love the word “ virtual green ocean “


    We love you!!!

  40. Lia Ahgase

    Very successful practice! Let’s have a real green ocean party when reaching 10M

    1. C-alise

      I have to make more accounts >.<

    2. Lia Ahgase

      @K me too ! I am not ready lol

    3. Ana Karina 4 '

      @K yess! Be ready with all ur accounts ^^

    4. Ana Karina 4 '

      Yees!! Hope I'm not sleeping and u know that I need a list xD

    5. K

      Haha this was just a practice My conclusion: I have to prepare more green accounts

  41. def: ur leadernim 4!!!

    OH the ads are green too HAHAHAHAHA GRAB FOOD LOL

    1. C-alise


    2. Ana Karina 4 '


    3. K


    4. def: ur leadernim 4!!!

      @Lia Ahgase yep :P im surprise lol

    5. Lia Ahgase

      Hahahahaha really

  42. Unknown Lia

    I need to have more green account

  43. /:사랑해

    10M fighting

    1. Lia Ahgase

      @/:사랑해 thank you so much ^__^

    2. /:사랑해

      @Lia Ahgase yes ;-;

    3. Lia Ahgase

      Let’s have a green ocean party when we reach 10M

  44. xai xai

    Let's hit 10M 👊

  45. K

    Oh wait, this is also green

    1. def: ur leadernim 4!!!


    2. Unknown Lia


  46. Defsooyaa


  47. Ahgase Unk

    Hahaha i am tired already

    1. K


    2. def: ur leadernim 6!!!!


  48. Lia Ahgase


    1. def: ur leadernim 6!!!!


  49. Ana Karina 4 '

    Skrrt Skrrt ^^

    1. K


    2. Ahgase Unk

      Skrrt skrrt

    3. def: ur leadernim 6!!!!

      skrt :P

  50. def: ur leadernim 6!!!!


    1. C-alise

      Hoho Cham!!! XD

    2. Ana Karina 4 '

      @def: ur leadernim 6!!!! hahaha soo cool 8)

    3. def: ur leadernim 6!!!!

      @Ana Karina 4 ' thats my alarm tone aha

    4. Ana Karina 4 '

      Ho ho cham remix

    5. def: ur leadernim 6!!!!

      @Alan hello

  51. dm

    Let's never grow up

  52. Lia Ahgase

    Still here

    1. Lia Ahgase

      @Alan woohoo .... ssshhh don’t let YT knows I am here

    2. Alan

      Alan too

  53. Ojm Zombie

    Lora, your coffee time is over! Come here now!

    1. Ana Karina 4 '

      Hahahaha also no more french toasts xD

  54. Wendy Nieto

    My one and only true love, GOT7

  55. Alan

    Oof thanks god I have Alan

    1. Unknown Lia

      Koro , Olga , Ana , let’s go to bed hahaha

    2. Unknown Lia

      Too much fun and now I am tired

    3. Alan

      @Ojm Zombie miss you too Olga;o

    4. Lia Ahgase


    5. Ana Karina 4 '

      Alaaaan ^^

  56. Unknown L


  57. Ahgase Unk

    Lora please stop making french toast

    1. Ana Karina 4 '


    2. Alan


    3. Ojm Zombie


  58. Lia Ahgase


  59. Ojm Zombie

    Another green acc ^^

    1. Lia Ahgase

      Woohoo but where is Lora

  60. Ahgase Unk

    Because of GOT7 green is now my fave colour

    1. def: ur leadernim 3!!!

    2. Ojm Zombie


  61. def: ur leadernim 3!!!

    Here :D with u all haha!

    1. Ana Karina 4 '


    2. def: ur leadernim 3!!!

      @Ojm Zombie wait for me again hahaha

    3. Ojm Zombie


  62. Unknown L

    Keep spinning with you all

  63. Ojm Birdie


  64. Unknown L


    1. def: ur leadernim 5!

      how many gadget do u use? :D haha

  65. Unknown Lia


  66. kokoro 彡

    Am I green?

    1. Alan

      You are not green koro

    2. Lia Ahgase

      @kokoro 彡 hahahaha I am so confused

    3. kokoro 彡

      T_^ <- my face right now

    4. Ojm Birdie

      I see you green ^^

    5. Unknown Lia

      Koro was green earlier though . It was a ahgabong

  67. Ahgase Unk


    1. kokoro 彡


  68. C-alise


    1. Unknown Lia


  69. Angeline


  70. def: ur leadernim 5!

    with u :D green ocean ♡

    1. kokoro 彡


    2. Ojm Birdie


    3. def: ur leadernim 5!

      @Lia Ahgase Hahaha i have to change with this acct haha

    4. Lia Ahgase

      Woohooo I heard me Calling your name

  71. Unknown Lia

    Keep fighting for GOT7

  72. Ahgase Unk

    Hope YT wont punish me from talking too much

  73. Ana Karina 4 '

    Love them soooo much!!!!

    1. kokoro 彡


    2. Unknown Lia

      No more green account

  74. Unknown L


  75. Lia Ahgase

    Koro !! Lora

    1. Ana Karina 4 '

      Send her replies to get notifications


    Im cry...

    1. Lia Ahgase

      Thank you so much for your green comment . We have a mini green ocean here

  77. Unknown Lia2


  78. Unknown L


  79. Ahgase Unk

    Koro and Lora , where r u

    1. Ana Karina 4 '

      And Donna??

  80. Ana Karina 4 '

    Where's Lora?? Hope she reads twitter lol

    1. Ana Karina 4 '

      @Ojm Birdie hahahaha Dont blame me xDD

    2. Ojm Birdie

      @Ana Karina 4 ' is your fault XDDDDD

    3. Ana Karina 4 '

      @Ojm Birdie hahahah naaah she is soo awake lol

    4. Ojm Birdie

      Hahahahah. We lost Lora? Hahahhaa. Maybe she is back to sleep. XD