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  1. chutzpah

    That is SOOOOOO disgusting 😤😒😑 why does he want them??? For a barbecue or what? The older I get the more I never want to return to the ocean.

  2. Chisumi Gaming

    I once saw a vid, which cooks those '-'

  3. Habxbhxbxnx djsbxbx Of musichsbsbdbx bxbsb

    Is that a grouper or just a large minoe

  4. David Zapata

    Nice grouper

  5. kendimize kadar balık

    Wow nice nice perfect👌

  6. ANTique !


  7. Kevin Morley

    Since I have been watching this I got a fishing rod and went out fishing

  8. Adi Hartanto

    thats fish is amaizing bro... very cool

  9. Derek Newyen

    8:53 Jimmy also tryna get a fist bump but quickly pulls his hand back🤣

  10. Chan Sison

    good food try it :) no kidding

  11. Jason Christen

    That's a grouper

  12. Betriks SVK


  13. Tiger waker

    I would put that guy in a massive tank and watch him grow

  14. Bruce Bell

    Fudgen awsome watermelon works everytime

  15. Fariddwi Satria

    Cobak ja di indonesia ada yng kayak gini

  16. Charlie Darwin

    The Captain laughing when he went in the water 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Marc Debruge

    I feel like Blacktiph will like this comment

  18. Luis Rodriguez

    Ur a real epic fisher man instead of a epic gamer ur an epic fisherman!

  19. Stephen Sr

    Surprised he didn’t say ITS A GIANT

  20. tomas sanchez

    What the hell!!!

  21. Emma Zander

    😱 omg

  22. Unbox Combo

    Can i eat them?

  23. RedKayotic

    This camera movements makes me dizzy

  24. Basu Basu


  25. Marvin Weber

    Die armen Tiere

  26. Rhevan Aqillah

    Wah ena sekali nih di daerah saya namannya katupong🤤

  27. OurLuckFishing

    The face Lucas makes at 1:50 is hilarious

  28. adi jaya cenel adi jaya putra

    Mantap bozque

  29. Preston Johnson

    Is it me or do they look like cat head crabs from half life

  30. CowGoes Moo

    That is cute, yesterday I caught a baby largemouth bass. Lol it was the same size as the fish in the video.

  31. Daniel Paterson

    "There's always a bigger fish" - Qui-Gon Jinn (circa 32 BBY)

  32. Xo-Demon - Foxes-oX

    ....... I am very uncomfortable

  33. SkyKnight

    Reasons i have thalassophobia

  34. Shem Maxino

    They are very delicious when it’s fried

  35. Angel Ceballos

    We called that kaskas in cebuano😊 Ka usa raku kaon ana katu 7yrs old paku😊

  36. feeling1 good

    #15 trending in the philippines?? Why?😂🤣

  37. Michael Steele

    Baby sailfish. Catch of a life time.

  38. AnotherUnnecessaryUnboxingChannel

    awesome i already got anxiety swimming in the ocean but now it got worse.

  39. Random Stuff

    That is frickin awesome dude.

  40. Sara Angulo

    I thought he said sand bees 😂😂

  41. Luke R

    I have found these before but I never knew what they were! On Cape Cod there are these biting flying insects a bit bigger than gnats that are everywhere when there is no wind, I've always called those sand flees.

  42. Thomas. AKHIL

    Hey man I would like to know what u did with it.. try setting up an aquarium with it.. I personally know it's not the right thing .... But it'd be cool

  43. unbias_Orbit #

    So you're telling me these are the sharp things that kept on bothering my foot whenever I was playing with the waves???

  44. EthanFilms

    Can you eat em?

  45. Oscar Revoredo

    En Perú les decimos Muy muy

  46. LizardKing174

    When I saw them running all I could think was "RUN! RUN YOU DAMN FOOLS"

  47. Beatrice Brutus

    So the shark jus don't exist...ok

  48. Michael Moore

    Why tho? Genuinely curious why one would rake them up, and why this rake even exists. Do they serve some sort of purpose?

  49. Muh Iksan


  50. Chronos The Violinist


  51. Osun Wanica

    Sand fleas?

  52. SlowMotionVid

    hi, I just wanna let you know that "YOU MATTER." Sending you the warmest virtual hug to any sh*t you're going through🥰🤗

  53. hawken swanstrom

    Goliath grouper

  54. Gidah Aborshin

    badass considering we always see massive sized sailfish.

  55. Sahal Sahal

    What is it rate 😍

  56. Issac Jayasooriya

    It so smol

  57. this channel makes you happy ~_~

    hi, I just wanna let you know that "YOU MATTER." Sending you the warmest virtual hug to any sh*t you're going through🤗

  58. alex

    They are eaten sautéed in oil, chili, salt, etc. 🤤the shrimp of the poor

  59. Karen Brown


  60. Tubewon Gaming

    1.4 million viewss.s.s.s

  61. やっほやほほ


  62. Careful Driver

    We were "fishing " right.......erm yeah I think so.

  63. EMPRESS Heather


  64. Dylan Williams

    fish tank!!

  65. Dennis Montalvo

    It can swallow a human

  66. Chapman Suggs

    This was an awesome episode.

  67. Furious Phoenix

    You can use this for fishing bait

  68. Ginny Cash

    I was randomly sticking my hand in the sand while zoning out at the beach one day and pulled one of these out and freaked tf out

  69. Patricia Monsalve

    Que belleza!!!!!!

  70. Found Wanderer

    They don't mess with humans and they are great for fishing.

  71. NOT, HERE.

    Can I get a combination of words I never want to hear again for 600 please.

  72. Meredith Grubb

    Even those crocs being in 4WD wont save u this time.

  73. coin

    The dislike of this video are the overreacting people who are always afraid of sharks 🙄😂

  74. Jesus Flores

    Your not gonna eat that?

  75. crazykids 200

    That is incredible Imagine if this is your first time Sailfish fishing and caught that it would be incredible

  76. Chap 302

    Happy birthday josh