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  1. GrayBlood1331

    jfc was a hurricane blowing through?

  2. James Black

    Q is watching. #WWG1WGA #TRUTHSEEKERS.

  3. Hi.It's .Violet.

    The fact that the mannequin is there is making me miss the office

  4. kyla wiles

    Wait he sounds different on voice over than when they both chat does he talk about it with him and then record the voice over or use a microphone when they aren’t being shown and don’t when they are in so confused

  5. thunderdog 111111

    bra can someone please explain to me what they mean when they say "comment on the video on bun" what is "bun"

  6. Harsh Gupta

    I ain't American or anything but since it looks like an Italian migrant community matter , it has "Mob Job" written all over it. Fire department and some cops are complicit. Also, it looks like 1 of the 5 missing children was killed off within a week. Out of remaining 4, 3 were either trafficked or cleanly killed in mob fashion never to be found out. 1 probably survived and that private detective walked into mob minefield and was most likely paid off.

  7. Joachim Manfred Tesoro

    corona though xD


    I saw something by the window around 9mins.

  9. TFR Gaminzz

    15:15 ....when u see it....

  10. Olthdori Mirth

    Shane: Like your cut G... Anabelle: [Taco bell ring]

  11. half_evil

    Can u pls look on the dissappearance case of Netaji Subhash chandra bose

  12. jessica gunn

    Van Gogh starry night not due to imagination but, how he was actually seeing things due to mental illness

  13. Mikoru MCOC

    Why is no one talking about that rap? It was awesome!!

  14. Notifications Off Stay Brainwashed

    GayFeed network... Sell out channel

  15. Aditya Neel

    Something's wrong with Shane's teeth

  16. TFR Gaminzz

    Why does Shane look like Marco Materazzi to me..... Like if you agree...comment if u don't no Marco!!

  17. belatedbday69

    why do they look like BABIES

  18. Questionable Life Choices

    the pure chaos of this video *chefs kiss* lmfao

  19. Smiile Ind.

    You guys notice how they purposely put Shane and Ryan's name in the title because they knew they would get the most possible views for their glorified commercial? They don't put their names in the title of their regular videos... They're taking advantage of us 😭

  20. Kadena Henderson

    please cover princess diana. john deserves to be called out

  21. jessica gunn

    (walter) Many serial killers enjoy manipulating victims families by withholding details especially where there has been sexual abuse, it's just an extension of the power element of the crime.

  22. Priyanka Ambati

    San , you're doing amazing sweetie

  23. Harsh Gupta

    200 MPH winds and heavy rain in pitch darkness !? Jumping into that void !? Madman. But if he did survive, the term victory was rightfully invented.

  24. LlamaBull

    Ryan was the guy who said NUMMBER15

  25. tinyquokka

    2:55 - why is this literally just the 'sticky bandits' from Home Alone 2 😂

  26. brian versansky

    Ya know, for someone who doesn't believe in ghosts and the paranormal, Shane was asking alot of questions and having strange reactions

  27. Lauren Allin

    Is the next episode Harry Houdini!?

  28. warriorfight111

    I can get used to Shane-with-a-Mane.

  29. slime esquivel

    god you’re gonna miss me by my cups made me pee my pants

  30. 7vuye Plays

    On 18:54 I was laughing so hard

  31. SteffidelaM

    The insurance will probably only pay for the costs of the materials (gold, mayyyyybe the stones) so that scheme would be quite unprofitable

  32. Joshua Pamei

    I'm imagining something like from the Dark series on Netflix

  33. M.C Ellen


  34. Parthurnaxs The Dragon

    !!!!!!O_0 AT 20:43 THERES A SHADOW PERSON AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT ...WTF howd noone see that ????????????

  35. Anthony Galindo

    My theory is that Don was actually a woman named Dawn who ogletree was having an affair with. The man who called saying he will be buried next to my sister, well his sister probably committed suicide and so that dude probably hired Dawn to get into the room. Ogletree waited for Dawn and in came his ex’s brother and Dawn who proceeded to beat him to death. It’s most likely some sort of love triangle teen suicide situation. Sad.

  36. Doll Baby

    So, Shane and Ryan have definitely gone a little crazy in quarantine...

  37. n ye

    i relate so hard to ryans feet not touching the ground

  38. R Ammanagi

    I love how when one of them starts a bit the other just slides into it with no problem.

  39. R Ammanagi

    Are Shane and Ryan wearing the same shoes in different colours!?

  40. Andrea

    How the heck is shane getting more attractive in every episode??? Or is it just the quarantine getting to me?!

  41. Big 092MLBOA

    We going strong guys stay consistent keep em coming 💯

  42. wes t

    who wanna sign up for fantasy robbers

  43. Will Jeanfreau

    Came to this channel for the ghoul boys, stayed for the mysteries

  44. David Xiong

    Narrated way too fast

  45. IMschleepcuh69

    He solved his own murder and knew that Putin did it. Schleeep

  46. Drew Bishop

    Almost everybody survived this fucker’s attacks lol

  47. Shaun Burridge


  48. Noah Banks

    Buzzfeed needs to like triple the budget for Unsolved so we get episodes every week!

  49. Kimberly Dominique

    Been there! On tour there! I got lost! My story! Stick with the tour! Seriously! Lag behind prepare yourself! It is very scary without knowing or believing in spirits this place is wak!!! Just because the way it was built! This was five years ago! Felt no spirits at all! Expect confusion!!!

  50. Eni Hidayati

    Whats up with the cocoabutter?

  51. TheMusicPpl

    9:07 - 9:08 Y'all hear something strange ? Or am I the only one ?

  52. Navod Abeyasinghe

    Call yourself the ghoul boys 😂

  53. Liz zarduwu

    17:45 my name is patrick tbh i dont trust my ears but meh

  54. Laurence Snee

    Why am I hearing the Pink Panther theme in my head?

  55. Helene Hintay

    Phantom Troupe vibes

  56. RashCrib2005

    2:49 if tou look in you find a eye (i know it is not but it looks like it😂)

  57. Amanda Lee

    Um, obviously their name would be The Wet Bandits (later changed to The Sticky Bandits)

  58. Bobby Hairston

    These guys are real funny no they aren't illuminati but it's obvious the illuminati payed them to lie & keep them secret?!!!!! Everybody knows they still exist FACTS 💯💯💪💪

  59. Jude Mullette

    Shane looks like he's in the Beatles

  60. Judnick Deravines

    Stickum is illegal in modern day nfl BTW banned in 1981. If you ever watch old raider film. Players would cover themselves in this thick yellow guck.

  61. Nina Rada

    That demon’s racist! Hahahahaha

  62. Akosi yuanツ

    anybody else waiting for the supernatural series?

  63. Bnmr 184

    Shane looks like a cool homeless person

  64. Bnmr 184

    Ryan's teeth is brighter than my future

  65. Drew Foster

    3:22 I see a ghost in a red t-shirt :-D

  66. Azyx

    Shane looks like an 18th century portrait

  67. Jack Andersen

    Rip Kobe

  68. you’ve yee’d your last ‘haw

    one day the hotdaga will return... one day

  69. Star•Gems Oracle

    Google translates Shane Madej to "Shame the Day." #boogaraftw

  70. Abigail DeLeon

    I think i will never finish this since I fall asleep to it 🙃

  71. Puny_God

    What if Maggie killed Mr Borden, ran upstairs, saw Mrs Borden who saw her knife/axe and the blood on her, and had to kill Mrs Borden too? then ran up to her room, changed, threw away the evidence and pretended to be asleep until Lizzie called her down.

  72. Airborne Cruzer


  73. Rachel B

    Ryan wants to be the sticky Bandits hasn't he seen Home Alone

  74. Randumb333

    25:57it kinda sounds like permission to come in?

  75. Siva

    StickyRicky and Slindin'Shane

  76. Breaby

    y’all see that at 3:20 at the top right?

  77. ᄋᄅᄑᄒᄑᄌ

    jeez the wind hahahahaa

  78. • frostedjosieos

    Shane watching that map fly off the wall, deciding whether or not he’s dedicated enough to it to catch it.

  79. MrJamhamm

    Is it the death of Houdini?