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이찬혁, 이수현

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  1. 김바나나나나나나

    시바 남주혁이냐

  2. Aye Myint Myat

    My fav song:”)

  3. Stephanie Servo

    these two are too cute and adorable in this vid ><

  4. SH T

    0:32 안경맞아서 '어우 ;;' 했어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 계속 막방거리는것도 그렇고 개웃긴데 귀여움 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. 지수

    아 이찬혁 목소리 진짜 소름돋게 좋다...

  6. Tati Hartati

    Pavvvv songgggg

  7. Hector Defog

    The sound not good.

  8. Drishti Smita

    Found this on Spotify recommendations and now I can't stop listening (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻

  9. Helenwv

    "My mama told me I'm ALIEN" And my mama says I'm STUPID in every way imaginable.

  10. Sandra S

    Just healing

  11. lucky yuzu

    that one time when you keep on glancing at a stranger and he caught you but you never got to talk and you know you're never gonna meet again jsdvshvnsf

  12. lucky yuzu

    i love the lyrics AHHHHH

  13. 악동뮤지션덕질용 계정 ღ'ᴗ'ღ

    18:15초 찬혁이 뒷차기???

  14. Xxgdxx 88

    Akmu never failed

  15. shabrina sy


  16. Going Crazy

    Alright I'm here for Mashiho, before u even ask.

  17. Lia MEP Desk

    This is so good.

  18. Real Septiana

    이 노래는 누군가를 생각 나게합니다 :)


    Watching this for the first time and I felt I lost the chance to hype this. I came too late to support. :(

  20. Yara yaa

    Bru nontoon :))

  21. Septian Nanda


  22. 원영아 뭐가 그렇게 궁금한 거니?

    이거 가사가 진짜 동심 가득이라 좋음..이 노래 들을 때마다 뭔가 알 수 없는 기분이 있음..감동적인데 신비한 그런 느낌..?어쨌든 이 곡은 띵곡이다

  23. ya ya

    Baru aja balik dri whywhywhy mampir ke sini dulu biar mantep

  24. ya ya


  25. Fauziah NA

    good song, good mv,, i"m so excited to hear this song

  26. izza zulaiqha

    This video is actually sad and full of emotion but it's become funny because of that duo siblings😂 But I can't denied that both of them are so talented❤️🙏

  27. azad

    My Korean friend looks like her, she says NO SHE IS PRETTIER. But I think both of them are pretty and beautiful 💜🌹

  28. Esther Pcy

    This is so amazing and the backup dancers really did well tho❤️

  29. 오주호


  30. 오주호

    외국인 댓글이 더많내.....,.,.....

  31. ᆞᆞ


  32. July woo

    AKMU is not underrated artist, they are so famous in South Korea even many artist know and love them. They just lack of international fans since i-fans are mostly love hiphop songs.

  33. Bianca Mendoza

    Still in my 2021 playlist💕

  34. Agnar Indra Pramana

    *sobbing in korean*

  35. Asahoy gnteng uwuww

    MASHIHO itu sebenarnya tinggi cuman slah tongkrongan Siapa suruh satu tongkrongan sama tiang😇

  36. 신라면신라면

    얼굴만지는거 제일 오래걸렸겠다

  37. i dunno

    their voice its not joke, yg is so lucky to have akmu

  38. Olivia Yacub

    I love every version of Eyes, Nose, Lips by YGFam...


    Kenapa ya,,komen orang indo kyk ada di disemua negara 😂


    pov:you are secretly an alien

  41. Abby

    I love akmu!!!

  42. Yoshi Manoban


  43. natalia Mejias

    Pls I want that gun 🥲

  44. Wiktoria Ś.

    Absolutely original and amazing ❤️❤️❤️👍👍🇵🇱

  45. Allan Kraak

    Voice of an Angel 🥰

  46. loonamix Gacha

    For some reason, I find her voice very soothing 😌

  47. Miria flower

    This song never gets old i don't even know how many times I watched this song in a week! I love this alien girl😍👽

  48. Jeongyeon stole Jimin’s jams

    i’ve heard of these two multiple times but never bothered checking them out until today. they’re so fun!! i love this song so much especially the bridge, im gonna go check out their other songs :D

  49. Franciska Stevany

    I know Im late for 5 years but Suhyun with that hairstyle can ruin my life

  50. Yeonjunie


  51. Wasana Ilangarathna


  52. 예은구


  53. punya kak ros limit

    Myt ya

  54. Si ikan Bandeng

    Oke gw juga

  55. punya kak ros limit

    Abis ini trejo terus udahan saya

  56. Si ikan Bandeng

    Lagunya kayak asa Amerika2 nya

  57. sprei bonita tydack luntur

    Habis ini udahan ya ndeng, kak ros ku takut ke siangan besok

    1. sprei bonita tydack luntur

      @Si ikan Bandeng papai ndeng makasih dah nemenin+ bikin bengek

    2. sprei bonita tydack luntur

      @punya kak ros limit oke papai kak ros, makasih dah nemenin striminh

    3. Si ikan Bandeng

      Oke semoga gak kesiangan

    4. punya kak ros limit


  58. Si ikan Bandeng

    Clara mana

  59. Si ikan Bandeng

    Tapi suka banget lagunya enak banget

  60. punya kak ros limit

    Btw ada bukunya kan yak

    1. Si ikan Bandeng


  61. Si ikan Bandeng

    Mau pamer juga kalo ini gw dapet 3 bintang yang Hard di super syariah

    1. punya kak ros limit

      Yh selamat

  62. punya kak ros limit

    Kalo ini belom dapet bintang 3 di hard, sering kepleset jempol aing

  63. Brigitte 'Bree' dodin

    I love her voice and vocal range. Her voice is so soothing 🥴 Feels like I'm listening to ASMR lmao and the M/V is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes 😍

  64. Si ikan Bandeng


  65. punya kak ros limit

    Iya terserah

  66. Si ikan Bandeng

    Mau ke akmu sekali lagi boleh gak

  67. sprei bonita tydack luntur

    Kemanaaa habis ini

  68. Si ikan Bandeng

    Ya gitu lah

  69. punya kak ros limit

    Emang suara bandeng kyk gimana?

    1. Si ikan Bandeng


  70. Si ikan Bandeng

    Tapi apalah suaraku seperti bandeng

  71. Si ikan Bandeng

    Masih berhara gw sama Adek gw bisa kayak mereka

    1. sprei bonita tydack luntur

      Aminn ku doain

    2. punya kak ros limit


  72. Si ikan Bandeng

    Kak ros tau aja aku mau ke akmu tadi aslinya mau ngasih akmu

    1. punya kak ros limit

      Yh sama sama

    2. sprei bonita tydack luntur

      Cie ciee sehatiii

  73. Si ikan Bandeng

    Baru dateng

  74. sprei bonita tydack luntur

    Bandeng kemana?

  75. punya kak ros limit

    Mana bandeng?

  76. sprei bonita tydack luntur


  77. punya kak ros limit

    Pada kesini tidak ya?

  78. punya kak ros limit

    Muk pamer aku udah dapet bintang tiga di super syariah

    1. punya kak ros limit

      @Si ikan Bandeng yg hard atuh

    2. Si ikan Bandeng

      Yang normal apa hard

    3. Si ikan Bandeng


    4. sprei bonita tydack luntur

      @punya kak ros limit syukurlahhh

    5. punya kak ros limit

      @sprei bonita tydack luntur udh ganti unamemu disini

  79. 亞瑟。詹姆斯。

    Tipo mano, a música é muito boa e a dança super fácil, amei.

  80. K P

    This is *AKMU* not *MASHIHO* so please, stop commenting about him. Please respect Akmu. Not in a rude or mean way tho. I honestly love to see Mashiho here with Akmu. It screams *YG FAMILY* but still, more than half of the comment section is filled with Mashiho, who literally appeared for less than 2 mins. *PLEASE SHOW MORE LOVE FOR AKMU IN THIS VIDEO*