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  1. rude onion

    he just yeets it and calls it a day


    These shorts are gold man..

  3. Retirix

    44k views 44 mins ago

  4. bryce f

    Wait for liquid nitrogen to cool down?

  5. BoiDavidMan [D Money]

    So basically Baby Powder ingredient + Water = Room temperature snow

  6. Mckenzie Welsh


  7. Jaden

    Is it fun to be a chemist?

  8. Anthony Wolf

    Epsom salt be like: 0:28

  9. Bill Cipher

    let's see again this video in 6 years

  10. Zen XD

    Can i eat it?

  11. Ashley Lightheart

    ...Can I throw this at people?

  12. DanBoi

    Mmmm napalm

  13. Tiger Beats

    How about liquid nitrogen

  14. patrick

    forbidden cotton candy

  15. Vishal Singh

    What it is cold

  16. Jeremiah Barnes

    I literally sat there, mentally saying "Throw it throw it throw it" and when he did, I yelled "Yes" so loudly, my mom heard it from downstairs XD

  17. Rxwinds

    U are legitimately helping me in chem class I’m 100% your the only reason I’m passing

  18. PLaYFoRU

    I did this in my school science fair last year and won 1st place 😊

  19. Emik Zotic

    how can you turn it back into water again?

  20. NovaFox 64

    hehe snowball goes brr

  21. xXDeideiAkasukiXx

    We use bromine before during school lab, though diluted one so no vapour look 🤔 So this is interesting to see, thank you! :)

  22. Mistah MegaManFan

    I would’ve been VERY disappointed if he hadn’t chucked it at a wall. Good man!

  23. MysticalOasis

    Me: *Punches my brother a little for fun* How my brother describes the punch to our parents: 0:48

  24. CcristianoRronaldo Fans

    Can we drink it?

  25. Juha Juntunen

    Instant snow, only add water!

  26. Mike Fox of TNP

    That is not a snow ball.That is a weapon god would use to shoot somebody.

  27. Riz.

    Bro that zoom is smooth

  28. skOsH

    This is too interesting to put into words

  29. Mike Hawk

    Daily dose is going to use your video 100%

  30. Snore

    I love the absolute power behind the throw

  31. Leon

    this is how we will make snow after global warming destroys everything

  32. Lord Malacola

    mxm boring thought a nigga was about to drop

  33. The Fattest Hagrid

    Those are honest 52 dollars.

  34. VJ Gaming


  35. Aychaz YT

    He really threw the snowball as if a bully from middle school was calling him names

  36. Fishy Go Boom


  37. l Kirbysaures l

    Not the table 😭

  38. Mr Sage

    He really really like throwing and smashing stuff 🤣

  39. Aiqan Shahzad

    Isreal uses this against palestine

  40. Butter001

    Now breath the liquid oxygen

  41. SniffyWall 513

    You kinda sound like linkus7

  42. Ahmed Mudkip

    NileRed: Look at this nice blue colors Viewers: what'd it take? NiledRed: *Penny*

  43. huh ? whuh ?

    a snowball that won't melt :0

  44. Altan Walker

    Nilered is slowly going more insane.

  45. Asmaar56

    bro if you get hit with that snowball you're dead

  46. Dulguun Ch

    He yeeted that so good that it sticked to the wall

  47. MrOm

    snow that can kill you

  48. Simon George

    Isn’t that what’s on Mars’ surface?

  49. Sam Pietrowicz

    What would happen if you drank that

  50. It’s Affishyall

    Try not to make something dangerous for kids to possibly want to try it

  51. Yeeter yayeet

    imagine when Florida gets their hands on this

  52. Gaara Del Desierto

    Where is the comment saying that someone is making snow and everything is a lie?

  53. Riko Vladimir

    I wanna touch it so bad

  54. Idk what this is

    Mario be like:

  55. Eric Nyamu

    Poor babies.they have to sit on snow all day long.

  56. Kim J

    That green colour reminds me of moldavite 😯

  57. Yuu kusakabe

    Him: takes the snow in his hand Me: ok now he's going to make a ball Him: makes a ball Me: and now he's going to throw it on the wall Him: throws it.... Me: holy $h!€--

  58. OmarHakimRafi RAFI

    wait is it safe to touch

  59. Marrick Neely

    Forbidden snow

  60. Donald Rump

    0:34 Play this without watching the video

  61. Turtle-_-Prince

    Now I know how to make a bomb 🤦‍♂️🤣

  62. Maldini Thomas

    Jesus!!, you trying to break the dam wall?!!!!!!

  63. Jonathan Miller

    Man this video is not for everyone to see lol. Some maniac could easily make something dangerous with this concoction. Still very satisfying to watch

  64. Leon Chameleon

    What do you mean if you would just put it back into a bottle it would damage everything around

  65. The Q

    Is the snow cold tho?

  66. mi tha

    Lead count be the name of a female character and this could very well be a hentai/porn title

  67. Miljan

    Beauty of chemistry in just 54 seconds.

  68. Infarlock

    When there is snow in a town that didn't have snow for decades

  69. Riko Vladimir

    I'm gonna binge this entire channel in one sitting wish me luck

  70. gl00m cl0ud

    can you drink it doe

  71. Logan Burnham

    Literally everything ever is from outer space

  72. Steve the Bear

    NICE CO-

  73. Magck_C

    Amogus thumbnail 😳

  74. IamRed_

    God that hurts

  75. Ethan Spagnola

    Radiation detectors small hand held ones and least could only go to 2000 back in the day

  76. मिहिर मिश्र

    Don't you think it's dangerous?

  77. understudy

    Moms asking why I need cleaning supplies

  78. 23-Arnav Sinha

    literally playing with fire

  79. Ritika Singh

    I want that confidence with which he pounded that glass beaker on the table💯💯

  80. TheHumanBird

    I can't tell If it's just hard or you have hulks arm that was a entire bullet