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  1. Jihomas

    Aespa <3

  2. ッʀɪᴄᴋ

    Æspa ♥️ Worldwives ...

  3. Black pink musicas

    Algum BR?🇧🇷🇧🇷

  4. Yabi de dios

    Ning ning is so talented !!!!🥺🥺😭

  5. SM stan Entertainment

    karina sih bodynya rambutnya auranya kulitnya bikin iri semua bund ╥﹏╥

    1. Jihomas

      Iya ih T-T

  6. ッʀɪᴄᴋ

    All very talented and perfect....

  7. rina aragaki

    Disaat orang korea lebih muji body karina dan winder krna perfect slim.. Tapi gw lebih suka body ningning yg berisi depan belakang 🌚

  8. dian ari

    Indonesia Trending no.7

  9. beepy beep

    Trending 7 in Indonesia

  10. Kill this

    Gass lagi

  11. ッʀɪᴄᴋ

    Giselle is the love of all my life, very beautiful and perfect 😣♥️✊

  12. dian ari

    Tempat ini mengingatkan ku pada EXO

  13. dian ari

    Winter We love you

  14. ッʀɪᴄᴋ

    Queens of the new generation, goddesses without defects, super love ...😍♥️

  15. the mighty

    Noone: Literally noone: Winter : Anjing kuputusin kau

  16. SM stan Entertainment

    ternyata trend mv mereka di geser oleh MEREKA SENDIRI.

  17. Amanda cortesss

    So talented😍 i love aespa❤❤

  18. she's weeb

    Ningning ✨

  19. 视频


  20. Utari Meilani

    SM please give us a vocal practice too😂

  21. Vanilla or Chocolate ?

    Decided already, Ningning is my bias in aespa, I'm attracted to her disney-like singing before and now, I know why, its not only her singing but her whole presence when performing, she's got this very strong presence among the members and she's a whole performer 😻

  22. Athena Bright

    I think, Karina will be a friend of Yeji

  23. Kpop Luxury

    Can’t take my eyes off ningning I tried but I can’t, her aura here is different

  24. Kill this

    Yeayy trending

  25. Red Rose


  26. Christine Dimapilis

    Ningning looks so small 😍❣️

  27. faeze sh

    visual !!!!!!

  28. blinkoncemidzystay

    Let's all have wear white on our shoes and not tell Karina Let's all wear pants and not tell Giselle Let's all wear white tops and not tell NingNing Let's all have dark hair colours and not tell Winter

  29. 굿나잇끄르잠


  30. YG & SM STAN.


  31. SM TOWN

    aespa ranking in different categories trlocal.info/u/video/gKR5m7uXyqOwhGs

  32. faeze sh

    i really hope sm wont destroy her talent and confidence she is a big chance for company cause of skill for rap vocal dance and charisma and also she is japanese i really hope sm pay more attention to her.im really nervous

  33. haru

    pause at 0:45 u can see NingNing’s flexibility during first chorus drop. Her left knee is properly bent, position of elbows are properly bent as well and body proportion is in good shape. She can be æspa’s lead dancer but apparently she isn’t. 🦋

  34. Ghisa_ Zahra kusumah

    cool, the winter and nining movements go very well together

  35. — felixthetic

    aespa: let's wear white tops but don't tell ningning

  36. Daniel Sedo

    everyone's a main vocal. *now everyone's a main dancer.*

  37. Mariel chen Dismaya

    I've been thinking when they're rookies... Inner me: Nah, i think they're not. SM Enter. Is a wise choise of trainessss....

  38. Vanilla or Chocolate ?

    Wait, Ningning suddenly looks so small 😭, I thought she's at least taller than Winter and Giselle LMAO

  39. Dom Dom

    와 ㅈㄴ 멋있다...

  40. • Naty •

    ah! Are they really human? they don't seem like it. I'm impressed! 😔✨

  41. •ᴊᴀᴅᴇ ʙᴜsᴛᴏs•

    Omg, I love it.

  42. faeze sh

    she is one of the best main vocalists of 4th gen in kpop !she amazing



  44. pakie jakie

    monster rookies!!

  45. boo boo

    2:50 Ningning - for the category BODYYADIYADIYADI

  46. Karylle

    Lucky them they did not experienced performing with the infamous blue/cloud background of SMent's practice rooms. 😂

  47. faeze sh

    powerful voice ! she reminds me of bada (s.e.s) because of her voice and power of vocal

  48. Sinara Burati


  49. R L

    Why is Winter so cute, help.

  50. cintai ususmu

    Ningning omg 😍

  51. ISWJY Luv

    Anyone else find it so weird to see a new group in the famous sm dance studio

    1. Venus Mars

      I'm not



  53. faeze sh

    another main dancer in kpop industry!

  54. Lourdes Toleran

    Haters gonna change, lmao.

  55. Black Diamond

    It looks like aespa is a 10 member girl group.

  56. Daniel krn

    Ayo dong, naikkin lagi

  57. Yesica Rosas

    Son tan talentosas, amamos!

  58. Elyca D.

    Oh my God Winter!!!She really snapped like that

  59. Nyree S

    winter is so effortlessly gorgeous :')

  60. Павел Усачев

    *cool girls*

  61. Emely Sanchez



    they are so great..NingNing is the ACE...she is so young...

  63. Linda N

    Couldn't stop staring at Karina. She's main dancer and center for a reason



  65. Virda Salsabilllah


  66. Yuu Ishigami

    Bro this is good. Like deym good.

  67. Sunset

    They’re good performers. I’m actually looking for groups who debuted recently but need more views. Good luck Aespa.

  68. Michaella Jireh Quebec

    Winter to Karina/Giselle: Lets all wear white top and not tell NingNing. Also Winter to Karina/NingNing: Lets all wear pants and not tell Giselle.

  69. nsjahsj hs


  70. Jenarra Spivey

    Karina’s hair alone deserves to be my bias

  71. Urielle M'bo

    I can feel the aura of Ningning she is a good dancer for sure

  72. faeze sh

    i really wish giselle was more confident:)))

  73. Marilín Miranda


  74. John Cedric Mallorca

    So no one's gonna talk about the back dancers?! THEY ARE ALL LIT!!!

  75. Malena

    They are all so beautiful and talented wow

  76. smtownXjypXsb19

    My friends: Who's the Main Dancer? Me: EXACTLY.

  77. Neptune Yo!

    All of them are main dancer. And Karina is the queen of dance between them.

  78. sophia galván `


  79. 02-Anak Agung Istri Agung Ratih Cantika Dewi

    this is for the first time I saw them in casual clothes :)

  80. h h

    MV to 100m