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    Good song...I like...

  2. Shane Diega

    I thought Mark is also part of nct dream? why is he not here?

  3. Soha Khalid


  4. Mihaela C

    ❤️ from Romania

  5. Chinami Ladtoken

    I'm in to that!

  6. Raquel Grimm Miotto Nogueira

    This is amazing. She is amazing . I think Life Goes On would be even more perfect for her, hope she covers it too!

  7. Afrizal Nugroho

    Miss I.O.I

  8. Нурдана Джесултанова

    Вааа Джисонаа

  9. ivor sub

    티아라 누나들 ♡♡ 너무 좋아요

  10. Ron B

    Still watching it in 2020. I miss them so much.

  11. Maria Jhane

    Ending fairy Changgu, iloveyouuu♡

  12. Born To Slay

    the eyes, nose, lips. you know who im talking about-

  13. Jaxy :3

    2:16 While everyone were laughing about soobin's comment felix was just: 🙂 😂

  14. Ysa Liarepmi

    Kim Seon Ho 💗💖

  15. ckin ali

    Every single episode hayoung steals my heart ✨😭✨😫

  16. Maknae Linlin

    Subs pls

  17. Susi Lawaty

    👮🏠 tanggal-30-11-2020.. 👮🏠 hari senin/monday..

  18. Born To Slay

    i came here just to see Soobin's father Minhyuk

  19. Psalms 7

    She looked white With grey ey

  20. tish

    i hope they do this challenge in their Kimdumb channel.

  21. Nisrina Nurnajibah

    How can I watch this back when they were disbanded, and exactly 2 years this video came out. hope they can get together again even though not as wanna one

  22. Chae Weslee

    When Tzuyu said "imo" it reminds me that she so cute💖🥺

  23. Niengneihoi 6A

    Runa's voice is just like Blackpink Jissoo's voice

  24. victoria Addai

    she is so beautiful

  25. Jen Jtshi

    Serve the silly miran right.

  26. hyunjin's bitch

    what if just what if the first nominees are dynamite vs life goes on

  27. Aryan Sharma

    Wooah is the bestest

  28. hyunjin's bitch

    i bet next week’s win is going to be life goes on instead of dynamite

  29. Shivani G

    Fan from India!!! Love the show!! I used to watch a few episodes here and there before. But when Ravi was casted (I am a Starlight) I started watching this show regularly and now I love the whole cast!! Fighting!! ❤️💜✨😁

  30. Kashish Kumari

    Jin is so handsome!

  31. A P

    Seeing many non disbanded 2nd gen boy bands returning still hoping and waiting for ftisland, BIGBANG and SS501(ot5) on stage

  32. Anshika Priyadarshani

    When you realize that you belongs to wrong part of india 😥😢

  33. kss 0115

    Im here to suffer

  34. Anna Yang

    Omg the way he likes to buy things that are cheaper is just like me. I tend to find things that are the same quality but cheaper

  35. Hiruni Perera

    Lots of love from sri lanka 🇱🇰

  36. Mulyadi Yadi

    sedih banget😊😭😞😞😞😞😞😞

  37. hyunjin's bitch

    when dynamite is pulled off music bank first place (if it ever is), i’m going to miss seeing arin and soobin dancing to namjoon’s part

  38. Bones

    I hope she finds a job & many hobbies that she loves even if it has nothing to do with her brother. If she is successful she can give her brother the best life - and the way to become successful is to follow your passion for you not for other people. Many kids who have ill people in their household want to fix what is broken. In this case it's her brother. From the outside it looks great. Yay a motivated well behaved intelligent young person! But I fear for Minju because she is too good and too caring. She is thinking of others because she loves them, but she wont find what she loves if she is thinking about everyone but herself. She should explore lots of hobbies and try lots of things out to find what she loves independent of her family's needs. She hides problems and burdens herself. She doesnt look for what she wants to do because she does what is helpful to those she loves. That seems good but that's the problem. It's not good. It's a masked problem. It would be better if Minju misbehaved because then she would get the attention and help that she truly needs. Her good behavior and positivity and helpfulness will do her more harm than good. She is good natured because she loves her family and she wants to put as little of a burden on them as possible since they already have so much to handle already.

  39. cloudy chan

    Seonho baboo 🤣🤣

  40. xLeKittyKatx

    Manse reminds me of how happy feet was when he was younger 😂😂🤣🤣💖

  41. hyunjin's bitch

    i bet arin and soobin can dance to namjoon’s part in their dreams

  42. 김정우cute라고

    정재현은 왜 성도 정임 아 잔짜 날 미치게해

  43. A P

    Even though it is a new song but seeing them performing this song is nostalgic

  44. Charlie Talisic

    what a bright child

  45. benjamin gam

    She can go higher than that. BUT..she don't. She don't go high just for the sake of it. And that's the way it should be.

  46. friska dwi agustin

    Omg deep voice J so cool

  47. moimoi naulak the little singer

    Hyendo and taesu are funny

  48. Maikia Vue

    I read all comments before watching and laughing about why would I be crying..When he hugged her by the refrigerator, I started tearing..lol

  49. Elienai Breceda


  50. Mhar Cubrita

    5 girls filipino🇵🇭🇰🇷

  51. Jen Jen Berdida

    I laughed when william shouted and then bentley give the soap HAHHAHHHAHA

  52. popraincity

    JYH's vocals!! welcome back boys

  53. Desinta Riani

    that kim jong min's running man got me LOL

  54. Rouli N

    Me while sleep after listen to this song: Show your love Show your love Say your love 😂