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  1. tina depratto

    YESS$..LOVE IT😍😍

  2. Makeup by Fernanda

    Anybody else listens to this everyday all day 😂❤️

  3. Adonis Holguín

    Desde República Dominicana escuchando este temazo. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Royalte Luis

    So apparently I consumed feces and now i have diarrhea . What should i do ?

  5. Descobrindo a vida

    Eu n tô entendo nada pq tão falando no shanw Mendes e do Justin? Oq isso tem haver com o vídeo dela?


    Those are two Big Voices together my hommies #shawn #jb

  7. bethany

    my crush sent me this song 2 years ago... he hasn't mentioned this song since, should i move on?.

  8. Camarae Rashada

    The song is amazing but then the video had to give me Harry Potter vibes in the train and then Ms Peregrine's home for peculiar children at the end ❤

  9. Lexi

    Shawn is amazing! His documentary was so beautiful, gave me even more of a realization to who he really is. I'm wondering though, was it weird to perform in front of no one in a huge place? lol

  10. rosa

    não quero gostar tanto do Justin mas a voz dele não me ajuda

  11. Janeen Abdelal

    This is a collab I never thought would occur but am sooo happy that it happened👏✨💕 Proud of these guys.

  12. Reese Victoria Blaza

    ;-; did i hear farting into my knees ?

  13. Khue Minh Do

    I came here again because my baby Hwasa shared this on her instagram. The lyrics are so great that I can feel them even though I have never experienced anything like this.

  14. Evan Stanley


  15. Ahmad Fauzi

    kangen amira:(

  16. Adan

    Shawn and Justin, you are not the monster:)

  17. Wren Dempsey

    idk about y'all but i get young matthew mcconaughey vibes from this video

  18. anto palta latorre

    me hice adicta a escuchar esta canción

  19. Adan

    Nice movie clip Shawn!!

  20. Johnatan Brito

    Esperando o álbum sair daqui a pouco ❤️😭

  21. karen Ruiz

    No se ingles pero me encanta esta colaboracion 😅❤

  22. Anneliese Mendoza

    yo me pregunto si existe otra persona más perfecta

  23. Sam Hollis

    harry potter and his invisibility cloak!

  24. Daniela Ortiz

    I haven’t listened to Shawn mendes since his song stitches came out. I can’t believe he’s gone this far in music. I’m so proud of him🥰

  25. Adan

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  26. Ayden Larabie

    I see a lot of comments about the colab or their voices, but are y'all gonna just overlook the substance? I mean like the two of them are talking about how the whole world put them on a pedestal, they're talking about the struggle they had, and continue to face, with the demands of their fans. Yes the track sounds great, but it just seems kinda gross to look at something so genuine and only comment on its surface. I'm not saying it has to be an art essay or something, just at least an acknowledgement that they are actual people, not just celebrities.

  27. Zeeniya Abbasi

    why do i like it when he brushes his teeth

  28. LittleFinger 69

    who’s here on Dec 4?😭

  29. An Intense Nerd

    So what if he’s the monsterrrrrrrrr forgive me

  30. Mohit Singh

    A beautiful soul and a great actor, human, intellect was brutally murdered but declared as suicide. Please fight for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput #JusticeForSSR pls support

  31. Bria Miche

    Gosh I love this songs

  32. Johana Méndez

    I LOVE YOU SHAWN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Pakjira Areesomboon

    Who else is here after Shawn confirmed this song is about Camila? ✨✋🏻

  34. elise eats organic guacamole

    i think Monster is like: since they’re so famous, the second they make a tiny mistake, they’re immediately a monster. like justin, he was 15 when he became famous, and he made mistakes, i mean he was just a teenager. ofc he’ll make mistakes and immediately bc of that he was “a horrible person” sort of like Charli, people cancelling her, SHES LITERALLY 16 like i’m not a charli fan but i just don’t understanddd 😂 we all make mistakes like these people but the second they do it, they’re horrible people people need to realize that we’re HUMANNN i mean yeah, people make horrible mistakes that are awful, but people typically cancel people for the most stupid things 😭🤚

  35. Izidorio Tenorio

    Eu amo uma amizade do pop! 😍❤

  36. free fire gaming

    Hello I'm in 2021

  37. Izidorio Tenorio

    Eu amei tanto essa música!

  38. Izidorio Tenorio

    Tão perfeitos! ❤❤

  39. Izidorio Tenorio

    I love so much Shawn and justin!!! ❤❤

  40. v savage

    Why Shawn sing like sheep?

  41. Izidorio Tenorio

    Perfect ❤❤

  42. Bhawesh

    When you realise that most of the comments are from a few days ago, because like you yt recommend this to them for no reason too!

  43. jayvon Robinson

    Shawn mendes and justin Bieber sound so great together 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  44. אביגדור בן פז

    ישראלים ששומעים תנו לייק, לשיר כמובן...😂😉👀

  45. Alexandra Cabalu

    Kai really like shawn mendes songs😭💞😯

  46. Dave Danny

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  47. TeeVoltage

    But what about the mustard.

  48. Aniket Kumbhar

    Please lyrics of each songs

  49. Marisa Castro G.


  50. Brenna

    I loved this song when I was little and I still love it

  51. Elaina Temples

    Gonna tell my kids that this is the Polar Express.

  52. Brandy Locario

    I can't stop listening to this😭❤

  53. Fátima Hernández

    Somebody after saw the documentary on 03/nov/2020?

  54. Valerie Granados

    This song was in my sleep.



  56. Ryan Porter

    This song is so good

  57. Elesandra Gomes de Souza Gomes

    Alguém e brasileiro

  58. rey jefferstone

    Jadi favoritt laguku ahh 😙😍😍

  59. Hyan Henrique Silva De Andrade

    I survive the Covid 19 just for whatching this Colab <3 i want more !

  60. Angthebluedonut

    Shawn:something big is happeniiing!!! Me:nothing big happened except you and your fans dancing around like lunatics No hate Shawn is one of my fav singers!!!! This song and the song why don't we fallin' are keeping me sane. We can get through this!!!

  61. Travis

    is her yaw ok ? ..

  62. Toto Sumarlin

    I'll take responsibility for everything I've done. Yeah 👌

  63. sam bansal

    I am unable to focus from when I just heard this song



  65. Nara rya

    indo be like: badak dan ikan

  66. Nailah 5

    *When this song first came out there was fan theories that this song was about Camila, and now shawn confirmed it is. They were right😭*

  67. James

    Maybe she doesn't deserve to be treated better, and she knows it. lol

  68. Vaughn Elias Angeles

    Get ur 2billion ticket here

  69. Ahilash Agaal

    I really like wonder song

  70. Eldavid Azulay

    is that only me or justin has the same voice when he was 15yo...

  71. Fregoso Zuñiga Gemma Margarita

    Escuchando este arte a horas de que mucho más arte salga <3

  72. Manav Kumar

    But justin bieber voice is still good

  73. Manav Kumar

    Mandes look healthy

  74. m_ leoholiczen

    Best song

  75. Kobi Starr

    I like it

  76. Emilse Rivera

    Here after he explained the fact how this song is about Camila 😌🤗💖🥰😍

  77. Yxycuf Ylzykz

    evide malayali elle😢

  78. Kairy Veneret

    Lmao Camila 😍👏

  79. Rajdeep Lumay

    all girls are the same

  80. ʀᴀɪɴᴇ

    Besttttttt featt🥰❤